Enbon FN Series

Model : FN

Enbon FN series could do with P0.93 P1.25 P1.56 P1.87, the different Pixel Pitch meets different needs of using demmands. Our product is just equipped with one input, but won't affect the whole display negatively. Upgrade of product's appearance, which makes our product look more comfortable. It could be used in an environment of -30~-60℃, our display screen fits on different indoor temperature environment. High refresh rate could make the image more clear. Efficient heat dissipation is another advantage that guarantees its durability and long lifespan.

Product description

Product Details

Led display screen of enbon FN series with durable quality and can be used for a long lifespan. Wide viewing angles can bring the whole content of the screen to our audiences and a pleasant feeling during the showing. The working temperature is -30~-60℃, it fits in different indoor environments, brightness of 800nits brings clear images indoors.

[LED Module]

Pixel Pitch 0.93, 1.25, 1.56, 1.87
Brightness 500~800nits(P0.93, P1.25,1.56,1.87)
Module pixel 160*180dots(P0.93) 120*135dots(P1.25) 96*108dots(P1.56) 80*90dots(P1.87)
Cabinet pixel 640*360dots(P0.93) 480*270dots(P1.25) 384*216dots(P1.56) 320*180dots(P1.87)


Module size 150*168.75mm(P0.93, P1.25,1.56,1.87)
Cabinet size 600*337.5mm(P0.93, P1.25,1.56,1.87)
Cabinet thickness 38mm(P0.93, P1.25,1.56,1.87)
Cabinet Weight 5kg(P0.93, P1.25,1.56,1.87)

[Working Environment]

Work temperature -30~-60℃

[System parameter]

Operating system AV, S-Video, VGA, DVI, YPbPr, HDMI, SDI
Refresh rate ≥3840Hz


Max Power 450w/sqm(P0.93, P1.25,1.56,1.87)
Average Power 180w/sqm(P0.93) 225w/sqm (P1.25,1.56,1.87)

[Waterproof grade]

IP rating IP34

[Control system]

Driving mode Constant Current
Viewing Angle H:160°V160°

[Material density]

Density 1137777dots/m2(P0.93) 640000dots/m2(P1.25) 409600dots/m2(P1.56) 284444dots/m2(P1.87)
Cabinet Materiel Die-casting Aluminum

Product video

Enterprise video

Installation teaching video

Use teaching video

Software debugging video


  • Q1: What is unique about FN series?

    A: High Brightness, Power Saving Solution, Durability, Lightweight, Long lifespan

  • Q2: What scenarios can FN series apply?

    A: It can be used for indoor advertising and different indoor activities.

  • Q3: FN series clarity up to 2k ?

    A: Yes

  • Q4: How much lowest power consumption does FN series have?

    A: The lowest power consumption of FN is 180 watts per square.

  • Q5: What are the shipment terms and delivery times of your company?

    A: Delivery / production time is directly affected by the size of the order Also, please be aware, some factories may not advise you, but after the production delays, you might be facing a few more days delays before catching your sea or your on-board flight departures. ( might be any where from 3 to 7 working days). Again, depending on which season you are shipping.

  • Q6: Do you give any discounts ?

    A: Prices are directly affected by the quantity. Simple ratio's, cost more to produce small qty and sample orders then aragones. We have many ways to help our partners when starting the sample processes. Make sure to ask your Key Account MGR on how we can make you save some costs.

Product Case

Case 1

The display above was installed in a church in Java, Indonesia. In this case, FN indoor fixed display was used. The church provides a venue for the island's important festivals. Also, the screen plays an important role in showing various films.

fn case
fn case

Case 2

The screen above is installed in a conference rental room of a hotel in Taoyuan, Taiwan Province. In this case, FN indoor fixed display is used. It is leased to companies that need display screens for internal events.

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