Generally speaking, command LED display system plays the role of command center, most of them are small pixel led display, which can be mainly used in scientific research and teaching of daily work, video security monitoring system, video conference system, integrated multimedia system, integrated control system, visual command system and digital business construction. An LED large screen display system undertakes the main picture display task, it can display the front end of the picture in real time, through the form of remote command to achieve more management and command. And has the following characteristics, can better meet the needs of modern construction.

The characteristics are as follows:

  • 1. Integration: Realize the centralized control of the large-screen display system and peripheral equipment, and humanized operation interface design. Control any computer in the network, including PPT presentation and remote configuration operation, can be realized through touch screen or touch all-in-one computer.
  • 2. Subdivision of management rights: The controller supports network control and multi-user operation. Users can operate on the large screen with a single mouse or keyboard, and the operator can also use the mouse and keyboard of their workstation to control the large screen system through software setting to carry out various remote operations and achieve interactive remote control.
  • 3, multi-signal display: to achieve multi-signal access display, the large screen control software supports a variety of operations of signal image window and processor application window, including window opening/closing, property setting, free movement scaling, overlay, as well as the realization of any roaming of the window on the splicing wall.
  • 4. Plan management: It can easily realize the preparation, preservation, modification and deletion of the scene and plan, and realize the pre-arrangement of all the display images (set the template of the window size and position of the display signal, and call the saved display plan at any time), and support the use of "hot keys" (shortcut keys) to quickly call the plan. Support plan automatic execution function, according to the time or event trigger, realizes the automatic display of the picture.
  • 5. Compatibility: The interconnection of multiple display systems can be realized, which can be connected with the large-screen display system of the monitoring system of the fire station, the monitoring system of the public Security Bureau and the monitoring system of the Traffic Administration Bureau.
Command centre
Command centre
With the continuous progress of technology, the proportion of command LED display products in the field of display is increasing. Command LED display has become one of the display products with advantages by virtue of its seamless stitching, digitalization, modeling and other characteristics. Due to the particularity of operation, the requirements for its internal LED display are relatively high. It is required to create a large screen display system with high brightness, high definition, high resolution, high intelligent control, convenient and simple operation. It can present the information of shipping, oil, security check, storage, ground and other departments anytime and anywhere, providing decision-making sources for production, operation and management. Meet the supervision and management responsibilities of managers to each department, to ensure that the decision can be effectively implemented.