With the continuous update and iteration of LED display technology, LED display has the characteristics of high refresh, high gray level, high brightness utilization, no residual shadow, low power consumption, and lightweight, ultra-thin, high precision, quiet and efficient heat dissipation. It can realize seamless splicing of any size, the whole picture played by it has the advantages of uniform color, high definition and vivid, very fine picture quality, etc., and the application range is increasingly wide, and also used in all kinds of office places, such as the company's conference room. So what other features does a conference room display have?

Virtual filming for movies/TV/variety shows:

  • 1. It can create a more comfortable and modern information conference environment. At the same time, it supports the wide range of color temperature adjustment from 1000K to 10000K to meet the requirements of different application fields. It is especially suitable for some conference display applications with special color requirements, such as studio, virtual simulation, video conference, medical display and other applications.
  • 2. Information from all sides can be shared, making the conference communication more easy and smooth, and the display content more clear. Especially, when it is used to broadcast news topics or hold video conferences, people will not be splintered. At the same time, when displaying WORD, EXCEL and PPT, which are often played in the meeting room environment, the content will not be misread or misjudged due to the confusion between the joint and the table dividing line.
  • 3. Business applications: presenting details, focusing eyes, fast image processing, etc.
  • 4. Remote real-time communication and collaborative office. For example, remote teaching, video conference between branches and the head office, and training and teaching activities for the whole country conducted by the head office.
  • 5. Small occupation space, flexible and convenient use, simple and quick maintenance.
conference room
conference room