With the development of LED display technology, the LED display of broadcasting hall is increasingly used in TV studios and large-scale activities rebroadcast on TV. As the background wall of activities, it provides a variety of vivid and gorgeous background pictures and more interactive functions, so that the background pictures can move quietly, integrate the performance and background, and fully integrate the scene and program atmosphere. To achieve other stage art equipment, it is difficult to achieve the function and effect. Because of the following characteristics, it has been widely used.

Which are as follows

  • 1. Accurate correction, quick operation: with the leading brightness and color accurate correction technology
  • 2. Does not take up space, easily sowing 4K: the minimum point spacing of the new miniLED series is 1.5mm, only 6.1m x 3.4m, 12m x 3.4m can easily achieve 4K and 8K
  • 3. Excellent picture quality, ensure live broadcast: professional high refresh rate, high gray level, low light and high gray, effectively avoiding black lines, flicker phenomenon, so that the image switches smooth and natural
  • 4. Good display consistency, high strength structure fine-tuning technology, achieve seamless connection of the whole screen, through fine tuning, effectively eliminate bright and dark lines
  • 5. High refresh rate, with a refresh rate of more than 3840Hz, HD camera shoots pictures without double shadow, stripes appear.
  • 6. Better experience, more energy saving: IMD 4-in-1 integrated packaging technology, higher pixel density, highlight the picture, better visual experience, and adopt innovative common cathode technology, improve contrast by 20%, reduce energy consumption by 20%, more energy saving
  • 7. Quiet design, better live broadcast: adopts fanless design, reduces running noise, does not affect the live broadcast radio
Broadcasting hall
Broadcasting hall