With the development of display technology, Enbon XR application solutions integrate high definition LED display screen, camera tracking system and powerful graphics processing engine, deeply integrate motion capture, AR, VR, 5G and other technology applications, so that real objects such as people or products can be immersed in the virtual world without green screen and post-production to complete virtual production. With excellent carrier and professional solution design capabilities, Enbon XR application solutions can be used in enterprise product launch events, remote teaching, virtual studio shooting, TV studio, live music, electric competition and other scenes immersive display, to provide audiences with unique creative digital experience. Because XR has these characteristics, the technology can be widely used.

Virtual filming for movies/TV/variety shows:

  • ● No need to build real scene, which can save a lot of production costs, No need to observe the weather, so that production process will get away from time and space restrictions
  • ● No need to transfer shooting, without leaving the house and you can complete a variety of scenes in the virtual studio production and conversion
  • ● Staff can see the production results at any time and timely modification, no need to spend a lot of time on green cutting, rendering, etc
  • ● Actors can get into action as soon as possible in a real and realistic atmosphere, Used for live stage, live concert, opera, etc. :
  • ● Use the virtual environment to extend the real stage, to create a fantasy scene for the audience
  • ● Add creative ideas for online broadcasting, showing a new atmosphere, new look, new world
  • ● Offline performance will be more open, more diverse forms of expression, style of creation will be more prominent
virtual shooting
virtual shooting